24 thoughts on “Marouane Fellaini Tribute (Everton Football Club)

  1. Why the fuck would´╗┐ he go to your filthy clubs, when he plays at Goodison Park, the grandest stadium in the world?

  2. Typicall hater, he won’t be shit at all at United. And if he goes to City, Chelsea or any other top-club, he won’t be shit´╗┐ either.

  3. Man´╗┐ U need that type of player with Modric will be amzing center midfielder team

  4. Welcome to Real Madrid?

    Forza Everton in England, and Real Madrid in the world.´╗┐

  5. and chelsea are at it again there trying to get another belgian there now trying to get fellaini for around 20 or 22 million and ther also trying to get hulk but they have to pay´╗┐ 80 million release clause and then get him for 38 million and there also trying to get falcao for around 50 million who else will chelsea want

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