25 thoughts on “Scousers on Wembley Way – Jamie Broad (LFC TV Video)

  1. great song jamie thats what it should be like merseyside sticking together and start bullying the cockney twats and inbred mancs

  2. Wish the Everton/Liverpool rivalry could go back to when the crowd looked like a red and blue chess board.

  3. I’ve been trying to find the actual song of the beat used in this song..can someone help me find out please…i think its Big Pun or Fat Joe but totally not sure..so anybody with an idea reply please

  4. I miss liverpool gotta get back someday.. roscoe head on match days and swann inn. LFC forever all the way from Atlanta,USA

  5. fair doose lad you are boss aint stopped listening to this for days
    you wont forget the day when the scousers took over wembley way! yes lad

  6. There’s a FREE DOWNLOAD available for this track on my new album ‘A Nice Cup of Tea’ which you can download from bandcamp, just google Jamie Broad A Nice Cup of Tea and enjoy
    Here’s to next season

  7. Sheer class by Jamie Broad, how a local rivalry should be. We all know a blue nose but it has become really hateful in recent years. Well in Jamie lad!

  8. I’m a ‘Pool fan and I don’t have anything against Everton, I hate those dirty mancs and those west London rentboys much, much more…

    Ideally I’d like us to be challenging for titles against Everton! Mersey pride!

  9. quiet you yer fkin joke rather be scouse than some little muppit who to chat girls up by watching how to pick up girls on youtube

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