25 thoughts on “All Together Now Everton FC

  1. Evrytime i go a mach (everton mach) they always win i love this song and i love everton

  2. DM spends next to nothing, which is all he’s got, on Jelavic, Gibson and Peanut and if the season had begun on 1 January we’d have finished 3rd, RS 17th.

  3. I am Liverpool fan and i really like Everton cuz i love everything about the city. I hate the mancs but i just can’t the Blues. JFT96

  4. Everton are playing some of the best football in the World at the moment. Hope they keep the momentum up and win the FA cup and get top 4 next season

  5. Good memories but this Saturday we can hopefully add another chapter in the club’s great history.

  6. Resources we don’t hav em we don’t need emim blue and I’m staying true c’mon u toffie blues

  7. True. Old Trafford and Anfield are now Tourist traps. Success has turned LFC and MUFC into franchises. Man City is a billionaires plaything now as well. Everton is the only truly great old style club left in the North West. Goodison just feels different to the other superstore fantraps. Evertpon cannot compete for the big money signings but it lives in the hearts of its fans. One of the greatest football clubs in the world.

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  10. everton arsenal are proper football clubs who if you look at the history of english football have always been at he top end , obviously we have struggled for the past 20 years , but thats a test of loyalty of the supporters , clubs that have manufactered cant understand this, plus arsene wenger built his teams 4 nothing and have played the best football and won things with style , the arsenal team of 2003 are the best team thats played in the premier leugue what a team that was

  11. Everton 0 – Liverpool 2… look iam a massive liverpool fan .. and iam proud to see that this a friendly derby… blues and reds sits side by side.. iam very happy over the victory of course.. but i do not have anything bad to say about Everton Fc great history great players and great stadium i truly hope they can bounce back and get the win in the next macth and do well

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