25 thoughts on “Rafael Van Der Vaart Keepy Uppy Challenge | FATV #KeepyUppy

  1. Look at his jeans man! And also the shoes. How do you expect anyone to do more than 10 with those kind of clothes on. I wouldn’t be able to do 10 with a proper football if I had those clothes on…

  2. jordan henderson can do over a hundred….and van der vaart bloody shits on him…shows how juggling isnt a big part

  3. He is world class. There are many wonderful footballers that cant certain things doesnttake away from them winning matches every weekend on the pitch for their clubs.

  4. I agree with VDV that using your knees (thighs) is ‘cheating’ (he probably couldn’t with those jeans on). It’s a little too easy — mind you, with a full-size football.

  5. Y is everyone saying vdv is shit hes pure class n hes one of the best in the prem this task is fun but is completely irrelevant to what he should be doing on a pitch

  6. he just sucks at it… and to the people claiming he had to little space, look up the video of Maradona and his orange… he did in on 1 square meter without moving

    you can or you cant do it…

  7. who ever says he’s bad your look at his room there hardly space for him to juggle

  8. Only on special occasions such as parties this reason being he was getting filmed for somehting 😛

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