25 thoughts on “Real Madrid Vs LA Galaxy 5-1 All Goals And Highlights 8-2-2012

  1. 5:52 -> Oh yes, let’s all rush to the middle of the field to crowd the ball like a bunch of kindergartners and leave Mesut “Bitch, Please, I May Have Just Come Off Of A Week-Long Las Vegas Partying Bender But I can Still Provide An Assist From Here In My Sleep” Özil COMPLETELY unmarked on the right, free to do whatever he pleases. What’s the worst that could possibly happen, right? XD

  2. LOL thr goalkeeper looked like he was going to cry after the Di Maria goal, watch it

  3. This awesome my 1st seeing Real play but I wished CR7 scored especially cause the crowd was like AHHHHHH WHOAAAA even on simple stuff but it still just pleasure to see him Di Maria Ozil and Benzema live at work.

  4. I was there the crowd was really great got to take so many pictures of Di Maria.. Kaka played really great!

  5. Alot of junk comments below,only a friendly basically a training match,nobody cares!

  6. Di Maria was absolutely fantastic. No doubt the difference in standard between La Liga and MSL but still kinda surprise how a MLS top size can get easily thumped like this, maybe that’s the power of Real.

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