12 thoughts on “Matthew Lowton signs for Aston Villa

  1. We’ve gotta give this lad a chance even if he comes from the Championship… although, we should’ve kept Kyle Walker on a permanent basis.

  2. Great going forward, needs work defensively. Not on the same level as Walker and Naughton but with abit more work will be a very good player for Villa. Typical Blades though selling our best players for fuck all money, wonder how much we got for him…200 quid?

  3. Lowt is a good lad and Villa will benefit, had a chat with him this afternoon – and he’s raring to go.

  4. Yet again we have sold one of our best players and the money will go straight into Mccabes pocket.

  5. ah well, atleast he hasn’t badmouthed blades after leaving, hes being farely kind to us for making him the player he is. wish him all the best and to beat the other shite right backs villa have

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