23 thoughts on “Manchester United 4-0 Aston Villa

  1. This is why Americans shouldn’t be commentating football. Danny Valencia, Give Collins the assist, Swansaa city, Talking about Twitter. Americans know nothing about REAL football.

  2. 90% of outfield playerswould dive in that situation, the defender left a “lazy leg” He put it out to tackle, didn’t get the ball, didn’t pull back, of course young was diving, but it was a mistake from the defender too. And ANY player would continue if he wasn’t flagged for offside. <--- Arsenal Fan

  3. this was the first game ive been to and the atmosphere in that stadium is amazing its deffinatley the best stadium in england and is owned by the best team in the world

  4. Disastrous & worst ever season for Man Utd. MU needs to clean house & get rid of the dead weight in the team. Honestly, most of the MU players, with the exception of Wayne Rooney, won’t make it in to teams like Man City, Barcelona, Bayern Munich & Real Madrid. They probably won’t even make the bench of Man City, Barcelona, Real Madrid & Bayern Munich, let alone the first 11. I’m even wondering if Alex Ferguson can still cut it at MU. Should we get Pep Guardiola for next season?

  5. HEY.
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  6. why you don’t present the MLS games?USA soccer way better than the European one

  7. How many city fans does it take to change a light bulb? None- Their all happy living in United’s shadow

  8. I made a freestyle football (soccer) video on my channel if anyone wants to see it. Any feedback is welcome:)

  9. and after today’s match Man City are RIGHT back in the title race….
    if they beat Man United then it’s theirs…..

  10. come on you dirty bunch of scum bags, what you gotta say now ? all you mancs are quick to jump on suarez and carroll about diving and ashley young does this and you all say its not a dive ? your club and fans are an embarrassment you all should look at your own team before you pass comments on about players of another team. cant wait till fergie leaves united will be lost.

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