Jeff Cassar reckons a goalkeeper can make a great captain

Jeff Cassar reckons a goalkeeper can make a great captain and a coach as whatever matches he plays in his career; he always has the whole view of the action from his position.

All the offensive moves of the opposition are created in front of the goalie of the team and at the same time, he also has a close look at the work of the defence of his own team. So, he develops quite a feel of the game standing between the sticks and is well equipped for a leader’s role.

However, Cassar also feels that leading in any capacity, be as a captain or a coach, is about having communicative skills as well.

The no. of goalies working as the managers of the clubs worldwide is pretty low. Cassar, who was a shot stopper by trade himself during his playing career, took up coaching in 2007 and ever since, has been climbing the ladders as a coach, improving himself every season.

As per Cassar, the other members of the goalkeeping fraternity discharging the coaching duties in the support staff of several other teams in Major League Soccer back him to achieve more and more as a manager for the world to get to know that the managerial qualities of the goalies are not limited by any means and they have everything to become as effective a manager as a striker, a defender or a midfielder can be.

Cassar says he believes in working no easier than the players, even physically. He does not station himself at a distance when the players are training. He remains in the centre, soaking in all the heat. Also, he always asks for the views of the assistants because the inputs coming from them are really useful.

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