25 thoughts on “FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid, Clasico tribute

  1. Barcelona:4 european cup,2 club world cup,4 european cup winners cup,3 fair cup,4 european super cup,2 latin cup,4 pyrenees cup,21 ligas,26 spanish cup, 10 spanish super cup,2 spanish league cup,1 mediterranian league,1 catalan league,23 catalan liga,6 catalan cup,2 eva duarte cup.

    madrid:32 liga,18 spanishcup,9europeancup,1europeansupercup,2uefacup,1 leaguecup,8spanishsupercup,3intercontinentalcup,2latincup,2smallworldcup, 5mancomunadocup,18regionalchampionship.
    Barca: 115:)

  2. No. Barcelona has 4 Champions League; and Spain has 13 titles. They won it in 91-92; 05-06; 08-09; and 10-11.

  3. Really? Real is the 2011-2012 Liga Champion; so who is talking about yesterday?

  4. No, they did not. The first one was with Cruyff (91-92); the second one with Ronaldinho, Deco, etc (05-06); and then they won a couple with the present team. (08-09 & 10-11) So, they did not even win two straight.

  5. I think next season, we will witness another 5-0! Not sure who will be victorious, but I have a feeling that it’s going to happen.

  6. Real Madrid has momentum right now they have best manager, the only player that can match Messi, and their confidence is in steroids after winning El Clasico and La Liga plus some rumored transfer rumors that if turn out to be good the team will be full young and fully capable players like Nuri Sahin. Things are looking good i just hope Barca comes in great shape next season so victory can feel even more sweet and nobody complains xD

  7. Yeah Real has history while Barca has the future. You can see Barca losing momentum as well as Real.
    Didn’t you love the days when only 2 teams dominate European Cups. I loved it when Porto got to the finals against Monaco.

  8. I give it to them without problem, Barca has achieved great stuff in all of his history but still doesnt match Real Madrid

  9. Well Barcelona won 4 straight UEFA’s you gotta give it to them. Even though the first 5 were to Real, Real dont got the talents of Zidane or Ronaldo or even Robben

  10. yesterday is history my friend noo disrespect but barcalona kicks real madridsass

  11. the numbers of trophies madrid has won with the help of Franco until his dead in 1975.. hahah

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