25 thoughts on “Aston Villa squad wish Stiliyan Petrov Happy Birthday

  1. It breaks my heart seeing him go through this but I know that he’s a fighter and he will win this battle and come back stronger than ever before. We are with you Stan and we are keeping you and your family in our prayers! Just hang in there and keep up the fight!

  2. The 3 things that disliked this video aren’t human, it’s just not possible to be so cold hearted. Continue fighting Stan! UTV!

  3. it was reported today in the birmingham mail that he is winning his battle. “BATTLING Aston Villa star Stiliyan Petrov is winning his fight against cancer, it was claimed last night.

    The dad-of-two is said to be in remission from leukaemia after undergoing treatment.

    The breakthrough was reportedly revealed by former spin doctor Alastair Campbell, who is taking part in a Pedal For Petrov charity bike ride.”

  4. not too sure, but he has a lot of support from the club, fans, family and fellow team players so i think that will help him a lot.

  5. Wow how emotional this is , I’m a Celtic and Birmingham city supporter stan is a hero , get well soon stan -3 !!!

  6. Hard to believe some1 lik this great guy gets cancer wen ders people like nicki minj out der being complete pricks and gets money thown at them.

  7. Стиляне, дръж се момче! Ти си най – големия! Бог те пази!

  8. A real midfielder none of these fake midfielders like Ramsay or Cleverly a true midfielder get well soon!

  9. Brings tears to my eyes :/ what a guy, wish him a speedy recovery Hail Hail

  10. Честит Рожден Ден Стан ! Нямам търпение да те видя пак в игра !!

    Happy Birthday Stan! Can’t wait to see you back in game !!

  11. Always used to look forward to old firm games when Stan played with Celtic as you never knew what he’d do with his hair, he had green and white tips in it on one occasion. Good luck Stan.

  12. and the reason behind the 3 dislikes are what? Anybody care to own up and explain?

  13. Stan John Hartson Beat the Big C please take Inspiration from that the Whole Celtic Family are behind Get Well Soon Keep Fighting

  14. i sincerly hope the 3 people who disliked this video pushed the button by mistake !

  15. your a true legend a hero i cried watching this i hope your back to yourself soon. x

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