25 thoughts on “Benfica vs Real Madrid 5-2 Goals Highlights 27/07/2012

  1. You idiot, we won from benfica 2 weeks ago with 3 – 1 !!!!!!!!!!! POLISH MASTERS CUP NOOB

  2. Unlike Sofiane Yebda, im a real Barca fan and i dont give a shit if its the real one or not…. they got SMACKED. VISCA BARCA.

  3. Heyy u Nino Alvarado thts was past tht chivas beat barcelona nd this is the future so if Real Madrid lost is cuzz they suck ass even wit all their good players
    Barcelona always will be better than Real madrid Only cuzz barce lost in the clasico doesnt mean real is better barcelona won madrid 4 years in a row Stupid Bitch

  4. didnt the journalists say Gay mourinho took all his friendlies when they thrashed real oviedo 5-1 ?hahaha…now they get thrashed by benfica/…..ASS BURNED

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