25 thoughts on “Tim Cahill Everton FC

  1. The thing about his many goals is that they where mostly against teams fighting with us for top 5 or they where against the big four which makes his 60 odd goals double or triple in value.

  2. All the Everton fans still I should have a lot of hopes, I mean when it’s premiere league season it’s MLS of season so there is a complete chance he could come to the premiere league on loan, a lot of players did like Robbie keane, Donovan and Henry

  3. massive respect for him and dempsey, class players helped make the premier league what it is, he will be missed!

  4. As an Aussie Blue I wholeheartedly agree. Having Cahill there meant we got Everton on the telly a bit more than the redshite! Great guy, great player and Blue to the core. Good luck Tim and thanks for all the great memories!

  5. Timmy sadness tinged with joy as i look back at your everton career. Played for the shirt every time you played, adored by every bluenose on the planet. Everton Legend!

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