Not too far off there seemed to be final whistle set to be blown on David Beckham MLS club ownership dreams.

However, after getting approval to get the land his ownership group required to build a stadium life was breathed into those dreams again.

The former LA Galaxy player pictured owning a top team in the glitziest of cities in America – Miami. It was a viable retirement job but after series of issues, he most likely never anticipated it would be this difficult.

“Our heart is to be one of the best franchises in Major League Soccer and a great neighbour, partner and leader here for kids that are playing soccer in this community,” the chief negotiator for the project Tim Leiweke said. He added that within the next few weeks the group hoped that the MLS would accept Miami into the fold.

The next agenda would be to secure MLS approval for the planned 25,000 seat, open roof stadium. The plan is for fans to walk along picturesque waterfront boulevards to a state of the art stadium in “the world’s most vibrant city.”

The dream when Beckham exercised his right early 2014 to own a franchise is far from completion. But the pieces are beginning to form something potential amazing. There are still the human factor to be managed aside the effects of having the modern stadium at the planned location. The residents are still wary of the effects of siting the stadium and managing such huge population over time.

Getting decent players and a top coach to manage the team is still work ahead. Luring them to join the project from inception would be tricky but the group should have a plan. For now there is hope.


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