17 thoughts on “Aston Villa Kit 2012/13 – Away Kit Player Photoshoot

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  2. Not a massive fan of the kit, but i might have to grab it to support the Aussies at Villa.

  3. I really like both kits, glad we’ve moved away from Nike and Macron have given the kit a good style

  4. I d rather the new kit than the kit of last season with the prick eck in charge Vtid

  5. Macron told us it was gonna be revolutionary…… Where exactly? Need to bring my shades to games then, this was butt ugly! For the first time in 24 yrs, I wont be buying the shirt. Ill consider the home jersey though.

  6. As opposed to a team full of turds like last season? I’ll take bogeys under Lambert over TSM’s turds, thanks!

  7. Nice!Glad it’s not white!So sick of bloody white.First yellow kit since Hummel did 1 way back in 2006 or something like that.

  8. i like the away kit colours nice n bright it’s like chelseas away kit the other season, doesnt look tacky or anything, good job macron!

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