24 thoughts on “Real Madrid 4-0 Racing Santander Goals Highlights HD 02/18/2012

  1. Wait . . . i havent even watched it yet but im guessing the commentary is arabic 🙂

  2. @crizpy9119  and then they beat them 2-1 and then they won the title, man do they perform bad they only beat who you claim to be the best, so if you think real Madrid is bad, is there hope for barca

  3. @crizpy9119 its called the la liga title, not the el clasico title. And the better team won it this year

  4. KAKA rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is back,keep it up>>>>>>>>>he plays for his team not for himself he is theeeeeeee best,

  5. @crizpy9119 actually they have beaten the barca pussies. Copa del ray, 1-0. And they recently tied 2-2. Know your facts.

  6. Yea… yet they still can’t beat Barca. Yep.. they are WAY better. Even though they always lose to Barca. Yep… clearly better. The better team loses. Thats how it is.

  7. sorry about that i was watching the news and it said barca 1 atletico madrid 1 and i didnt know that there were 20 minutes left to play
    messi scored at the 81st

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  9. Es facil cuando se juegan contra Santander….. Hazlo contra Barca……

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