20 thoughts on “Duncan Ferguson – Everton FC

  1. NEVER ever forget that goal at 1:33…we were in deep shite that year and Big Dunc was on loan, playing the red shite…following this ON CEEFAX/TELETEX…we won 2-1, COYB

  2. Love duncan ferguson his everton spirit never ever faded he had our tattoo to prove it too a true legend

  3. Lol should have put eye of the tiger for the background music drunken duncan was a legend ( rangers fan)

  4. best video, my hero!! wish he was still playing cud do wiv his fight and passion right now!!

  5. Why are you watchin videos of Big Dunc you tit? Watch some of your own team or are you a closet Blue?

  6. fukin love this man. get goosebumps all the time. hair stands up the lot.. fukin legend

  7. great vid mate well done, love the rocky music in there too, only thing id advise is on2:28 when the bell sounds a few times you could show different goals go into the back of the net as the bell sounds, get it done! C.O.Y.B

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