25 thoughts on “Aston Villa Mascot Refuses Handshake

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  2. @no2racism and finally, my original comment was clearly a witty take on current events, not an attempt to spark off a race row. And if you’re not bright enough to spot that then I’m not gonna fall into a debate on what is and isn’t racism and whether it exists (it does btw, everywhere)

  3. @no2wordism what about the hatred between Pakistan and india, is that not racist? Palistine and the Jews? Not racist? They’re definately not white countries.

  4. @no2wordism ok, so first you say racism doesn’t exist, then you suggest it only exists in white countries? Contradiction?
    And I’m pretty sure that when you see Muslim countries burning English and american flags, shouting “death to the west!!!” I’m pretty sure that’s racist.

  5. @killdogakalegend it’s an Aston Villa mascot you dopey cunt, what’s ‘scouse’? About it. And if you’re referring to Suarez, he’s URUGUAYAN. Thick fuck

  6. @killdogakalegend You call England thick cunts and then you call THEM racist? I love the way you preach against something then go and do exactly what you have preached against doing yourself. As for the kid, have you considered he would have been in sheer awe of his surroundings and nervous as anything? Get a life you piece of shit!!

  7. They need to beat that shit out of him quick, and i’m saying that as a villa fan.

  8. Why are they laughing? People shouldn’t encourage this type if behavior. It’s disgraceful. Stupid kid.

  9. It’s a shame that some people make me wonder if they are indeed human, as their comments are so vile and needless. What pathetic and unhappy lives you must have.

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