22 thoughts on “Aston Villa 1-0 Bayern Munich – 1982 European Cup Final – Oh, It Must Be!

  1. Got up at 4am as a 14 year old to watch my beloved Villa win this. Still one of the best memories of my life.

  2. Remember as if it was yesterday, I was level with the 6 yard box a perfect view

  3. That is how an English team got European Cup against the Germany Tean, Bayern Munich. And it is Chelsea that have made it again, 30 years later! Proud of London!

  4. So unfair for younger villa fans! as an Everton fan I hate the fact I never got to see our glory days in the 80’s and as things are going it doesnt look like either of our clubs will be seeing nights like this again for a while……ahh well, TO THE EIGHTIES!!!!

  5. Villa philosophy then under Ron-big cats-big cats-one moment-this wasn’t lucky-this was the world’s first instance of counter play

  6. The piss taking gone by superstar but notso grab by Spink must have sunk the non humoured superior humans so much to affect as to counter that attack. But that team showed the whole football world the real potency of counter attack

  7. If Villa was a London club we would’ve won the CL by now..
    …and attracted the best players from around Europe.

  8. Would’ve been amazing to be alive then 🙁 Now we have to watch a ginger cunt command us to the championship, talk about a fucking depression

  9. I remember Withe for his terryclothed wristbands. Is that the word? ‘Zweetbandjes’ they are called in Dutch. ‘Schweissbänder’ in German. Vintage 1982, all boys had them. They were indispensable items for any footballing boy in that era. Like amulets, mullets and (later) sliding pants. As important as football boots. Withe was Horst Hrubesch’ evil twin, ‘Ein Ungeheuer mit Schweissbänder’.

  10. I was only 9 at the time, and remember watching it on the telly very well. When the goal went in, me and my dad went mental, running around the room. Rumenigge (spelling?), Breitner…what a team that was. But we had the likes of Shaw and Withe, the most feared strike partnership in England at the time, Morley, arguably the best winger in England, Mortimer, the best captain Villa ever had, Sid pulling the strings, plus the rest. Happy happy days =) UTV, SOTC, VTID

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