23 thoughts on “Tim Cahill’s 68 Goals For Everton

  1. Insanely good heading player, this vid doesn’t show the fact on how much he anticipates the ball movements on the box, and leaps so high when needed. Not blaming the vid, just saying 🙂

  2. It’s always good to see the MLS add a class player… I can see that he was truly a fan favorite for Everton.. Great video

  3. They at Red Bull have no idea, who they have got. They will be notice that soon. Couple of moths in New York and they will love Timmy as we did at Everton. Take care our Blue Kangaroo. Only thing this video is missing, is that Kangaroo boxing at cornerflag. Would been great finish for this collection. Thanks for the uploader anyway. Once A Blue, Always A Blue.

  4. Gutted that he is no longer playing for Everton, it was so awesome to have an aussie playing for my beloved Everton, did our country proud. Wish him all the best in New York, but for me it will always be that he became a legend playing for the best team in Liverpool!

  5. Cahills last goal was one of sheer class, what a great way to go out. I’ll miss you Tim, good luck on everything you do in the future, always a coaching role at Everton for you, surely?

  6. Great servant to the club, the amount of last minute goals he scored at big moments. The overhead kick at Chelsea and header at Anfield are the highlights.

  7. tim cahill thanks for everyhting would do anything for everton. the blue kangeroo

  8. Always liked him…his work rate, dedication, life off the pitch, his character, celebration, basically everything about this guy…TIM CAHILL, Everton will never be the same without you, nevertheless, all the very best to you in your career improvement…LEGEND!!!!!

  9. can’t wait until he comes to NY. heard some good things about him from ex-Metro Tim Howard.

  10. “I’d do anything for this team, these fans, and this club. It’s an honour to play for Everton” – Tim Cahill.

    Thanks for all the memories Tim, wish you well in America.

  11. That header away to Wigan, (no 52), was incredible jumping above players who are like 6.3ft high and still banging it in

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