22 thoughts on “Tim Cahill leaves Everton Football Club

  1. Hate it how all great everton players leave – Cahill lescott yakubu Saha Arteta and soon probz Baines, jagielka jelavic I bet

  2. It was so amazing seeing all of the goodbye comments on the Everton website. I don’t think NY will love him as much as you guys did, but I sure as hell will. I already respect him enough as it is. And remember Everton fans, you’ll probably see him with Donovan during the winter when the MLS is off.
    Welcome to NY Tim!

  3. @FootballJudgey94 Couldn’t agree more. I think we all feel that way (regarding formations etc). @EfcJelavic1878 – Thanks mate, I enjoy this, never wanted to stop but just didn’t get the time. Hopefully I can keep these up now.

  4. Let’s face it. He has been Mr.Everton (for me) because of my age growing up.. as much as I love Duncan. But he is on big wages for our budget, and since the season of 2010, he has showed his age. We have also had to play 4-4-1-1 just for him. We can now kick on with a new era of Barkley, Rodwell, Vellios, Duffy etc. who need to step up to the plate, and take a leaf out of Cahill’s book (If that’s the saying?). New York is an amazing city aswell. It’s a win-win in my opinion. Will miss him though

  5. Good to see the blog going again!!! Cahill is a legend and hes left at right time COYB Lets hope yobo is the only other person leaving this transfer window!!

  6. What a legend, growing up he was the face of EFC and commercially well known. He is a great player and will be forever known as an everton legend

  7. Gutted he is gone, massive leadership/experience hole in our midfield now but he has done what is best for him and got out before he began stagnating into his thirties.

    we will miss the Ozzy, all the best Tim!

  8. absolute hero but was time to move on. I’m australian and timmy was the reason i became a toffee supporter. he will be missed.

  9. Cahill should’ve stayed. if RBNY had any sense they would splash out the cash and get Kaka.

  10. Good luck tim what a player. one of his best goals was his over head kick against chelsea. I think he will come back as a choach or mabey future manager

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