15 thoughts on “Talking Toffee (Blog 5) – Recent encounters, FA Cup & Arsenal at Goodison

  1. Hi mate, it was tough in the format I set out to do. I had to take on another job and just didn’t get the time unfortunately. However, I’m always look for help because I’d like to put something like this together again. I just need to make things a bit more simple but they still need to be watchable and interesting. Any ideas?

  2. :O Even if we dont win the FA Cup we’ll know at least we knocked out the reds

  3. Sorry for the lateness looked ok against arsenal when we started get going should have been a draw but never mind. Jelavic maybe just mite make moyes trusted 4 5 1 work. Has a good work rate, can hold the both up an bring others into play an most important he can put it in the back of the net as hes just starting show.

  4. Problem is when teams sit back and defend in numbers 4-5-1 does not work, not enough bodies get forward and break the defense down. Moyes needs to mix it up more an maybe play 4-4-2 with more attacking minded players!

  5. So sick of the negativity and fear of playing Liverpool at Wembley. Show some faith and smash the RS.

  6. More like this please haha love the sarcastic jokes! XD I personally would love to play the shite at Wembley, cant understand anyone who says they wouldn’t. Also what is the song at the intro and outro? 🙂

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