25 thoughts on “Sunderland 0-2 Everton – Jelavic goal & Official FA Cup sixth round highlights | FATV

  1. how many goals has downing scored this season? how many assists this season? downing is shit, jelavic is brilliant

  2. That’s the best player you can put up against Jelavic? The winger without a single goal OR assist in the league? Wow, you lot really are shit.

  3. and our (hajduk) “experts” sold him for unbelievable amount of 500 000 euros, because “he’s nothing special”.. what a idiots.
    i can’t believe who leads my poor club

  4. its weird to think we only got him for £4million Lol and everton got for cheap aswell =)) now look at the impact hes made already, his value would have shot up already, what a great player for rangers and everton. WATP

  5. Goosebumps, broke a chair by accident, mate knocked me down the stairs celebrating. Best night of my life by a mile.

  6. I made a freestyle football (soccer) video on my channel if anyone wants to see it. Any feedback is welcome:)

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