25 thoughts on “Steven Gerrard previews Everton Wembley clash

  1. Thumbs up if you went to this video when you just watched Darren Farley speaking as Gerrard!!xD

  2. You’re a deluded narcissist

    Who gives a fuck as to what you and me or anyone says on here?

    You do seem to have a extremely basic knowledge, which you cant even manage to keep control of (you’re mixed up)

  3. hahaha wtf why are you so fucking dumb??? what does this have to do with education, you are fucking old and still whining like a bitch on youtube, well, that sums up your life. your problem is that you THINK you know everything, yet your locked up in your crazy little world. think about it 😉 I know that the transfers were pretty rubbish, yet I keep my mind cool and come up with positive points instead of criticizing and whining like a retard, like you.

  4. you’re a fucking classic you, aren’t yer? carragher is an unbelievable mediocrity and has benefited from tokenism of the most ludicrous extreme. Yet idiots like you love this nasty little shit coz the facilitating media have built up some myths among fanboy morons, like yourself, to cause maximum damage to Lfc

    here’s his career in a nutshell ;

    suck owen’s arse

    suck Houllier’s arse

    suck moores arse

    freeload off Gerrard

    become king of the scally fanboy morons and become manager!

  5. Not very bright , are you? Didn’t reach a very high standard of education?

    You’d better stop thinking in your small-minded cliches and get away from your insular little clique and experience more of the world.

    Like kenny should have done. Maybe he can, now?

  6. If you want the best for the club, then stop whining like a bitch and come up with good points. Stop swearing and arguing with fellow Reds. Or should I say Reds, cos when i read your comments, you don’t seem like one to me.

  7. wtf dude, do you even know for how long carra has been around? and here you go, a ‘real’-LFC fan, throwing offensive words around about him, and Kenny, and more. Do you even know LFC? Do you even know football? You are so ignorant mate, damn I feel sorry for you. ouch man..

  8. fanboy? fucking idiot, go stick your head up your arse, you are talking shit. And looking at all the other comments, it’s clear that you don’t know a fuck about football. crawl back under your stone wanker.

  9. so ur statements are self-evident??? and ur the one who thinks adam and spearing deserve a starting role more thn gerrard. r u trolling me or r u being serious?

  10. The “pal” bit is used ironically. Everyone above a certain age would know this. Seriously, when were you born? the ’00’s.

  11. What the fuck has the Hillsborough stuff got to do with daglish’s quality (or lack of) as a manager.

    You feel part of a ridiculous self-harming cult and you’ve decided anyone who doesn’t agree with you is wrong! Help yourself out, pal, and do a little reading on cults. You’ll notice some amazing similarities in yours and their “thinking”.

    In other words, you’ve been had.

  12. Dont have faith, use your fucking head

    We need Rafa back in charge. It’s the only solution.

    It will piss the london media off no end. They know we’ll be straight back.

  13. Do you not think for yourself?

    What am I saying . It’s self-evident.

    Your a skywashed tit, to go along with the fanboys (of which you’re one also)

  14. i dont even kno wat to say now. i think im talking to a retard now.

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