25 thoughts on “Sir Alex Ferguson holds press conference for Shinji Kagawa and Nick Powell

  1. lol all im sayin is dat them to never would of went to chelsea if they didnt pay their agents and dont worry im on earth and i can tell u ur oscar is nothing compared to our kawaga and and ur winger hazard is nothing compared to ur nani young and valencia :).

  2. we wernt intrested in oscar and chealsea paid his agent 6million dat why he went chelsea but im glad because kawaga is way better than them two

  3. United should move in with a money plus Anderson for Moutinho (seeing as how well Anderson played during his time in Portugal)
    Powell will be one for the future, Kagawa our David Silva and Rooney and RVP our answer to Shittys Aguero and Judas

    The future is RED

  4. ur just a hater we dont need sanchez or modric we have alot of talent and your right they did not win anything this season but their the the second if not best team in england and one of the best in the world

  5. i know that united can’t buy a lot of players because of the debt, but united could sell the players that they don’t use as often such as anderson , so that they can buy a good midfielder which doesn’t necessarily cost a lot of money.

  6. Well, your right about Kagawa, but same applies to Sneijder on the same basis. For 12m hardly a risk. Powell though, has got a wicked shot on him. Check him out – you will see why Liverpool, Arsenal and Utd were all after him then.

  7. Obviously you’re just buying into the hype.Powell played for Crewe against woeful opposition where the standard is awful and Kawaga is Japanese who might not adapt to the English league.9>3.Amen.

  8. Have you not seen any of Kagawa or Nick Powell??? If Lucas Moura comes in you have 3 players there who are class as opposed to 1 class players. Lucas and Kagawa are special

  9. Lol…they’re pretty similar tbh. Don’t get excited because he scored against barca ¬_¬

  10. Where’s the world class talent like Sneijder and Modric and Sanchez that were promised and man u/fa bound?Answer:they all gave man u/fa the 2 finger salute,snigger,snigger.man u/fa won didley squat this season and won’t be involved in the season’s curtain raiser the Community Shield which is between City and Chelsea.Chelsea will be competing in the European Super Cup against A.Madrid,again man u/fa will not be involved in that showpiece,snigger,snigger.9>3.Amen.

  11. No but Anderson was bought as an Attacking midfielder and cost 25 million and has played 3 more seasons than Ramires…DUH.The subject of Anderson was because you said to me “anderson 3 ramires 0”.

  12. “He has scored more in 2 seasons than Anderson has in 5”
    So that means hes better.

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