Carl Robinson has been appointed as the new manager of the MLS club Vancouver Whitecaps. He had actually been with the club since the last couple of years as an assistant coach, but, after the departure of Martin Rennie, he has now been promoted one position higher.

Just a few years back, Robinson was active as a professional player. He announced his retirement at the end of the 2011 MLS season and after that, he didn’t take long to come in the field of coaching. He joined the Whitecaps at the start of 2012 and he must have done his job perfectly well there, otherwise, he wouldn’t have got the promotion.

As far as Whitecaps’ performance in the last season is concerned, it was not that good. Although their winning percentage wasn’t that poor, but, their losing percentage was pretty high too and because of that, they drifted down quite a lot in the Western Conference points table. The total no. of points that they had in the bag after playing all their 34 games was just 44.

Announcing the appointment of Robinson yesterday, the chairman of Vancouver Whitecaps Bob Lenarduzzi said, “It’s my pleasure to inform you guys that Carl Robinson is going to take charge as the head of our coaching staff. He has been with the club since a while and we have been very impressed by his work so far. He has got the qualities which are needed for the job of a head coach. We are hoping that he will be able to inspire the players and guide the team to a lot of success.”

The Whitecaps have been participating in the Major League Soccer since 2011 and they have managed to qualify for the MLS Cup playoffs only once so far.

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