24 thoughts on “Real Madrid’s 2012 preseason tour

  1. Raul? hes not at madrid anymore.. he plays in germany now for the team schakle

  2. fuck barca and madrid tambien los marikitas de mojados mexicanos yenos de frijoles y mierdad… ya paren de tener tanto hijo si no les alcanza

  3. thanks! its so many events coming up from now til the end of the summer but im definitely contemplating. im a huge ronaldo fan and im gonna feel like a dick if he’s in my hometown and i dont see them play lol

  4. that pre season tour sounds so exhausting but i guess it pays the bills.

    so excited for real madrid vs. celtic. my 2 tems colliding I MUST WATCH IT!!!!

    that guys voice annoyed me a bit tbh

  5. not gonna happen buddy. Mourinho is not going to give up on sahin when he never got the chance to prove himself last year.

  6. It will be the great match here in Portugal. When RM comes to my hometown like Lisbon.

    HALA MADRID!! From Portugal with all of them!!!

  7. Yes the real madri is the best tean in moment but chelsea have oscar and eden hazard

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