16 thoughts on “Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid – Fights, Fouls, Dives & Red Cards

  1. Would never see anyone dare to do any of this to zlatan ibrahimovic they
    would get a straight taekwondo kick to the face hahahaha

  2. Diego Costa he is cunt . let him try next time with ibrahimovic i’m sure he
    will lose his teeth!

  3. Yes, Ronaldo got fouled first but he kicked Costa’s face which was a studs
    to face and would be a straight red! Get the rules roghr and stop defending
    your favorite player!

  4. i think courtouis should go back to chelsea
    and buy diego costa to chelsea
    it feel better than atm

  5. Diego costa will be team mates with Sergio Ramos in the world cup. haha
    Diego should of signed with Brazil instead

  6. Soy del real madrid, pero doy gracias a dios por tener a este crack en la

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