24 thoughts on “Real Madrid – the real story of Curling football, Season 2 in China

  1. How is your english so bad if ur from the US….making us look bad…I’ve been with the football scene longer then u were…was watching World Cups when you were in diapers….Plz…People change…Madrid was good but not anymore. CR7 dishonored Ronaldo by using the same name he did instead of changing it in respect. If you’re a true football fan you would understand what I’m talking about. And stop raging you’re only making urself look bad….

  2. People like u dont deserve to watch football, u are disgusting a real fake fucking idiot, Madrid is Madrid and will always be bigger better stronger and more loved then barca wich has no history and only has reach succes with helps from refs and by cheating, disgusting club with disgusting supporters and people like u are the most fake and disgusting on this planet fuck u and dont ever mention Madrid again you dont deserve madridm fucking fake

  3. Yeah Real Madrid was amazing when they had Ronaldo, Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Raul, Figo, Beckham….I was a Real madrid fan back then….after they got CR7 it all changed…look where they are….they can’t even beat Barcelona when Barca was playing with their B Team Subs and Real madrid was using their newly bought star players.

  4. yeah disgusting players, and madrid still has more titels more fans more history more better players, every thing is better in madrid and madrid is MUCH MUCH more respected around the football world then cheating disgusting barcelona so keep on being fake u wont get anywhere

  5. The ball with the least distance closes to the pin is the winner. They use their feet to measure the distance. So Marcelo and Ron are arguing who’s the winner

  6. It’s called “jeux de boules”.
    Curling has different rules.
    They play for money.

  7. LOL U MAD BRO? This kid is mad. Look at him rage. You won 1 game compared to the countless times Barca destroyed RM….Disgusting players…? More like players that know Teamwork….GG

  8. Yeah cry u a river u fucking fake keep going, and still we got more titels and still ronaldo raped u in the final not by cheating but scoring and amazing goal and also played with everyone of barcas disgusting players on the pitch, fuck u fake

  9. @RaggaZaggaBagga

    U mad bro? cry me a river…In the end Barca still beats RM

  10. And how did Barca win the cl? By cheating diving and getting help from refs, dont be fucking ignorant u fake barca fan, atleast madridistas dont defend their players actions, we know that pepe ramos does wrong sometimes and we get disaspointed but u fake barca fans never admit that u are getting away with all the shit that barca players does during the games, xavi messi pedro alves iniesta busquets almost every fucking player in the team dives and cheats and uefa allows it to go on

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