1. pepe and marcelo should have done any of these things against gatusso…they would have lost their head…

  2. Guys, i’m Real Madrid fan. So let’s all be honest , they play hard ,dirty and they are violence. But Barcelona got only 2 red cards in 4 years and teams that played against Barcelona got 79. U can find video on youtube where u can see that Barcelona players are diving, but they train it so good it’s hard to see, but on slow motion video u can see that there were no touching. So Mou decide if he will get red card every game they played against Barcelona he will get it for a reason and break legs.

  3. Por lo menos no somos unos maricones que se mantienen tirados en el suelo todo el tiempo…

  4. nevermind, I hate every jelaous hater on Barca, you are all sucks and retarded. Who likes football, likes barca. I don’t give a single crap are you or aren’tm for me you are all same scum.

  5. ouch, u think i am fan of Real ? :D Lol. Calm down bitch, i am not. I hate Real brutal game and i hate Barca´s diving.

  6. Wow I saw the comments and I can’t believe that even after you saw this video you still open your fucking mouths you fucking madrid fans you fucking jealous losers and this is why you always fail in the end and if you still disagree you can go fuck yourselfs

  7. Thanks, it was about time that someone from outside of Catalonia raised their voices against R.Madrid’s violence against Barça’s players… My question now is, do referees know what YouTube is? …

  8. yes,but red star are brothers with olympiakos u are with partizan,we beat partizan 2 last times in a cup match….that is true what did u say a living hell :))

  9. dude…I m from greece and I m paok (i m sure you know us).
    I wish they would play in here.a living hell for them 🙂

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