24 thoughts on “Real Madrid 3-0 Sevilla: Karanka’s post-match press conference

  1. u wish…barca are done unless they buy referes again..they are done theyr players are geting old ..and real will buy new players while barcelona dreams of geting van persie alaba and i dont know who will not come true..i think real will win again la liga..specialy becouse barca changed the coach..and i think real will win champions league in the next 2 years..

  2. I dont like the idea to adapt legend as a manager.. It will ruin the legend history like maradona had.. Totally bad idea..

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  4. me parece una falta de respeto como tratan a higuain, si se va a francia prefieron que se vayan lass, altintop, coentrao, y mou antes de el!!! Hala Pipita….

  5. katanka is a good coach but if Mourinho leaves i was to see Zinedine Zidane becoming head coach that will be a dream coach for real madrid

  6. I really hope when Mourinho decides to leave Karanka is promoted to head coach. Nobody will be better qualified for the job, he knows the players well and has learned a lot from Mourinho

  7. Grab your glocks when you see REAL
    Call the cops when you see REAL ! basura MUTHA-FUCKAS !

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