25 thoughts on “Raheem Sterling vs Aston Villa Reserves | 02.04.12 | HD

  1. he’s extremely fast, he’s skillful, he’s agile, he’s clever, he can read the game, he’s INCREDIBLE!

  2. cracking little player but this is against villa reserves. No doubt he has excellent potential though, good luck lad. YNWA

  3. i’m not saying he’s the answer to all our prayers… but he needs to start playing in the first team. done all he can do in the reserves

  4. impressive skill and close control but he’s enormously right footed he seems very reluctant to control the ball with his left never mind cross of shoot off it which limits his game somewhat and could make him a bit predicable to opponents

  5. His shooting power will come with age. He’s too young to be on the weights right now(Footballers generally are encouraged to start at 21). Just compare Messi’s shooting now to when he was Sterlings age.

    He’s got good technique and can generate good power.

  6. the only think bad about Raheem is his weak shot.

    He should find a way to improve his shooting ability

  7. haha My mate just got given a contract by Villa- He’s already playing with the villa under 17’s and he’s 15!

  8. Can’t wait to see Sterling as a starting 11 regular! He’s going to be world class, and in my opinion he outshines our current wngers already.

  9. A long way to go…. BUT make no mistake about it !! this kid has got the world at his feet if he wants it enough

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