25 thoughts on “Philadelphia Union Vs. Aston Villa Recap – [HD]

  1. Thanks for the great hospitality Philly and the 19th minute for Stan.

    UTV here’s to a great year for both clubs.

  2. @MrAtbillings thanks man! I have like 15 other union videos on my page! And I dream of working for the union doing this stuff

  3. You should do more of these for Philly games.  Very unique style. Subscribed

  4. Ahh, Chris Herd. I thought ollybaros was referring to Kai Herdling, who was a loanee to Philadelphia.

  5. @booshakalla Hence the name “Philly Union Kickback” not “Aston Villa kickback”

  6. it wouldve been nice seeing the 19th min applaud for stan but nice video 🙂

  7. hope ur not saying philadelphia dominated match hahahaha villa really had it to easy tbh

  8. Good Music, Great Game & Awesome Video this equals to “Gold Medal”
    Why was this game not on TV? at least not on mine…damn it!

  9. thanks for uploading this, a good win for villa and some great pre-season work, although Philadelphia put up a good fight and i might follow them through their next season because they look like a solid side

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