25 thoughts on “Philadelphia Union Vs. Aston Villa Recap – [HD]

  1. Thanks for the great hospitality Philly and the 19th minute for Stan.

    UTV here’s to a great year for both clubs.

  2. @MrAtbillings thanks man! I have like 15 other union videos on my page! And I dream of working for the union doing this stuff

  3. Ahh, Chris Herd. I thought ollybaros was referring to Kai Herdling, who was a loanee to Philadelphia.

  4. @booshakalla Hence the name “Philly Union Kickback” not “Aston Villa kickback”

  5. hope ur not saying philadelphia dominated match hahahaha villa really had it to easy tbh

  6. Good Music, Great Game & Awesome Video this equals to “Gold Medal”
    Why was this game not on TV? at least not on mine…damn it!

  7. thanks for uploading this, a good win for villa and some great pre-season work, although Philadelphia put up a good fight and i might follow them through their next season because they look like a solid side

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