25 thoughts on “Paul Scholes vs Aston Villa

  1. one of the greatest players of all time. and this is his greatest goal in my eyes. yes the bradford goal was great..but he did something like it against fulham not to long ago but not as good. but this goal!! look how easy he makes it look…the ball was dropping out of the sky! if i wanted to show someone what scholes is about, this is all they need to see

  2. “Without any doubt the best player in the Premiership has to be Scholes. He knows how to do everything” – Thierry Henry

  3. can u believe that scholes himself said this goal was just luck? i watch this clip over n over, n i get wetter every time

  4. You can’t disagree on Rooneys goal, not only by its perfection and beauty, but also importance, that it was nominated in a fair manner, and therefore, when nominated, it should have a good chance to win. I am, in no sense, having any grudge towards the decision makers of that goal. Rooneys goal is fantastic, and so is this and many others. It was a hard pick.

  5. His accuracy is insane on volleys and passes taken as a shot in one-touch. Unbelieveable player. Unique.

  6. game vs villa on sunday brought back memories of this game when he tried the exact same thing

  7. If you look up composure in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of Paul Scholes.

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