1. Look at the new zealand club’s story,on how they moved to the Australian league because they were outdoing every team in New Zealand,on the park and financially – when FIFA ordered them to be put in the aussie league,even although NOBODY wanted them.

  2. it will never happen tho cause they will never be allowed in the prem and if it took 5 years to challenge where would they be in five years in divison 1 so u sit down pal

  3. He showed he really ment when he sad “I think I’m ready for the challenge!” 11 goals in 16 apps are just great start for premiership !

  4. I’m from Croatia and since Jelavić sign for Everton i didn’t miss any games..He is incredible player and Everton is a great club..with fellaini,cahill,pienaar and howard on goal they could do amazing things next seasone

  5. I just like the start of the interview. “Thanks, it means to me a lot..” All honest and a little shy, but delighted. He has done well so far, hope it continues. COYB!

  6. Unbelievable to see this. Z Waregem my team from Belgium brought Jela from croatie to Belgium 5 years ago. He didn’t succeed, we found it pitty that we gave him maybe not enough chances. Z waregem is a team average 6th in the belgian leage over the last 6 years. After one year we let him go, because the club did’nt want im anymore. After that he was a hero in rapid wien, a hero in glasgow and now in everton. In the time he played in waregem, he send me and friends textmessages before the G

  7. oh the amateurs.

    If Celtic and Rangers joined the premier league,since they have worldwide fan bases they would be challenging for top four within 5 years as the merchandise money,along with the Sky money would put them above and beyond most teams in the EPL.Proof ? Celtic have the second most amount of supporter clubs in the world (fourfourtwo magazine).In 2009,sports revolution,a marketing agency stated Celtic had 9 million fans in Japan ‘alone’. Sit down pal.

  8. ha ha if scotish teams were allowed in the prem they would win fuck all and would be relagated to the championship

  9. you weren’t congratulating him when he scored the winning goal in the CIS cup against Celtic

  10. A catholic isn’t a fenian,and i’m not talking about “up to our knees in fenian blood” … i’m talking about supporting the orange order (anti-catholicism),songs about King Billy,battle of the Boyne flags (like the one shame fc got charged for in Eindhoven in 2011),singing the lyrics “with a nick nack paddy whack give a prod a gun,para’s 13 – bogside none”.I’m talking about the same supporters that actually tried to get Artur Boruc banned from blessing himself at Ibrox …….. TAXMAN!

  11. LOL how fucking dumb are you, you admitted that you didn’t even bother reading my last reply but you’re still confident that people will think you “won”. As I said, you’ve had absolutely no justifications for what you’ve said and whenever I’ve pushed you, you make lame excuses – “I didn’t read that…..you’re clearly raging….hun bastard..”. So away to fuck you inbred retard, have fun calling me a “hun basturt” while you get a gobble from your sister. Moron.

  12. Go on to Islam Feruz’s facebook page – the one with him wearing a chelsea top as a photo. I don’t know if they’ve been deleted or not, but you’ll have to look down at some of the history. At least there’s a grand wee Celtic fan not too far down called Gary Redmond who calls him a “somalian pirate”.

  13. If you’d bother to read what I actually wrote then maybe your comment wouldn’t have been so stupid. My point was, that many football clubs have some dodgy history, be it Rangers’ anti-catholic policy or Celtic protecting pedophiles. The point is, when you take the moral high ground by saying what you said in your original comment – it makes you a complete hypocrite. I never said Rangers fans didn’t do anything bad, and I don’t agree with everything they do.

  14. Mo Johnston was not the first Catholic in that team even. Shows how much you know. Ferguson’s demise at the club was due to the team’s failure in a cup tie with the sporting wing of the IRA. I wouldn’t want an utter cunt of the highest order like Lennon at Rangers, so I’ll not even dignify that claim with an answer as it doesn’t merit one. I just gave you proof that Seltic only allowed Catholics in the beginning, never mind signing policy. It was a clause in the structure.

  15. Proof? Like how shame fc knowingly failed to sign a catholic until Johnstone? Like when Sir Alex Ferguson was dropped to the 3rd team with no explanation when he married his catholic wife (read from his biography)?Like when a teenage Armagh lad Neil Lennon was scouted,then rejected because he was catholic?Everyone knows it,why are you in denial? Celtic have been open to all religions,and have never had a religious signing policies – solid fact.

    Deal with it. UNITED!

  16. WEYHEYYY!! Wait a minute! The banana incident happened in the 80’s,where every teams fans were racist and it happened in the 80’s only at one player – not “players”. Celtic fans wearing nazi uniforms? Yet our main ultras and largest singing section are left-wing,anti-fascist republicans? Please give me a link to this. Feruz getting racially abused? Give me evidence of this. Take a look at the “Scotlands shame video”.Swastikas,nazi salutes,racial abuse of your own players – shameful.

  17. Proof? Oh, right, you’ve not got any. In your club’s first structure there was a clause which dictated that only Catholics of Irish descent be eligble to play for the side. That is a fact. Your “club” was founded as a Catholic club, Rangers were formed by four lads who wanted to play and promote the dribbling game, end of.
    All the best, Jelavić. Your goals will live long in the Bears’ memory, especially the one in the League Cup against the mhanky mob.
    A class striker.

  18. Haha you’re clearly raging pal. End of argument, enough said. I think it’s obvious who’s right and who’s wrong. :))

  19. “I never at one point said…” “Not once have you said I’m wrong about anything I’ve said. ” – Wow you really are one thick cunt. I never asserted that you were right or wrong about Rangers having arsehole fans. I have ALWAYS said that gdyear was wrong to take a moral high ground in regards to a football club and it’s fan base, because it makes them a hypocrite. Away to fuck now please.

  20. Look, at the end of the day I don’t really give a shit about what you have to say, in fact I didn’t even fully read your last 3 responses. I never at one point said “Rangers are the only club in the world who’s fans are bad” did I? No. I admit, Celtic have their bad qualities as well as any club do, but still Rangers are atrocious, majority of fans are hooligans. You continue to argue back and forth. Not once have you said I’m wrong about anything I’ve said. Why? because it’s true

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