19 thoughts on “NextGen Series: Aston Villa 3 v 0 Ajax highlights

  1. What a ridiculous comment. Give me the lotto numbers for next week when you have a spare moment.

    I’ve never known Villa to ever sell a youngster to a “big” team. The lads we move on tend to have no connection to the club and are simply looking for petrodollars to fill their wallets.

    And no club is bigger than Villa.

  2. spurs wouldve won the whole thing if they hadnt been disqualified they absolutely took inter apart 

  3. Samir Carruthers is gonna be a quality midfielder for us.
    …Maybe future captain?

  4. These lads would have won the tournament if it wasn’t for Marseille’s gamesmanship and unsporting antics in the QF.

  5. wont happen as villa sell all there big players im a villa fan but know that all these kids will go onto the big teams

  6. We have some reall,y gd young players coming thru all the time now at VP..Hope AM gives them a run in the 1st team soon..Gary Gardner is a big lad..I think he would be ready to play fulltime next season..Needs games this season 1st tho..Wake up AM..Gardner is gd enuf 4 our 1st team..3rd goal was a beauty but the 1st one was brilliant breaking midfield play..He could turn out to be a Gem if he is given the chance this yr..here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later…UP THE VILLA!

  7. Made his debut against at Stamford Bridge in a 3-1 win for Villa, looked very lively.

  8. With a youth team this good villa can become title contenders within the next 10 years

  9. There is no doubt about it, Gardner would have played for the first team were it not for his injury. In my time as a Villa fan I’ve never known a youth team player be held in such high regard.

    He has been England’s star player at all youth levels before U-21’s and he made that team before even playing for Villa’s first team.

    Villa rate him. England rate him. Rafa Beneitz tried to bring him to Inter Milan. I have VERY high hopes.

  10. Relax you idiots Gardners only at Coventry for a month, he’ll be back over the Christmas.

  11. Any Villa fan who knows anything has been talking about this kid for months. He was really unfortunate with a 9 month cruciate injury but came back this year and picked up where he left off. Awesome prospect, lets hope he does enough at Coventry to convince McLeish to play him in 2nd half of the season. UTV.

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