The MLS is going through a growth with new clubs being introduced into the American League. By 2015, the MLS will be debuting 2 new teams which are going to be New York City FC and Orlando City but the board of directors has also approved Los Angeles and Atlanta as those last 2 clubs will be entering the MLS in 2017.

After all of these clubs have completed their process of entering the MLS, the league will have a total of 22 teams but even more teams will be added on with David Beckham also trying to be the owner of a club in the MLS and now all that is left for the former Manchester United star to do is get the approval of building a new stadium in Miami.

The staff members of the MLS have expressed their desire on various occasions of expanding their league by 2020 and have a total of 24 teams by that year. They are already taking bids and considering which club will take the 24th spot. If David Beckham does get approval for the construction of the stadium of his franchise team, that club will be the 23rd in the MLS.

The 24th spot of the MLS is expected to be contested between Sacramento and Minnesota with both sides having to make their official presentation and launch their respective pitches in front of other MLS league owners on December 6th at the site of the host city of the MLS Cup championship game. The decision on which team will become the 24th of the MLS will not be officially made until 2015.

Las Vegas has also launched an official bid and will also be competing with Minneapolis and Sacramento to turn into the 24th MLS club.

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