25 thoughts on “Liverpool V Everton Semi final 2012 Wembley Stadium

  1. 2009 final cup winners cup 5 fa cups so cant see how its are biggest game ever i dont no and what in gods no is a mided fan and were the small club with nike and your the big name brand that is warrior

  2. no kid i think we had the last laugh beating yous AGAIN, in your Biggest EVER game. haha small club, small mided fans.

  3. so quiet outside and i think we got the last laugh didnt we drogbah we love you a toffee hero

  4. Fantastic mate, one day i will travel to England and finally watch a game with Liverpool <3

  5. What block was this filmed from? I think i’m gonna be in a similar place this Saturday

  6. @JackassKids98 Pathetic? With our history and everything? We’ve the most cups out of every English team ever and yet were pathetic. You prob the one wanking off over Wigans win streak. Wool.

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  8. Obsessed, think you should stop watching LFC videos if we’re pathetic!!!!!!!

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