25 thoughts on “Liverpool 2-1 Everton – Jelavic, Suarez & Carroll goals and Official highlights | FA Cup 15-04-12

  1. the last time lfc won the premier league is in the year of 1990.and thats why lfc suck!gerrard suck!!!!

  2. The fact you used the work “suckest” makes me wanna punch your head in, also you said “liverpool will never win the Barclays premier league AGAIN” we have never won the premier league so i dont know why you have said “again” you stupid prick!

  3. 5 European cups…. Also what the fuck is a Manc doing on this video, don’t you have anything better to do with your shit life?

  4. a cunt face in one year we won 5 in 10 years youve won one so how do we suck

  5. Well they have won it before, and winning 1 trohie in 1 season doesn’t cancel out how shit they are currently.

  6. NO Liverpool HAVENT won every meeting in the Mersyside derby, we HAVE beat you, and you HAVE beat us, and we HAVE drawn……and that, what you said, doe’snt not explain one SINGLE thing, it’s just the same old same old crap everyone says, and I don’t really care baout Liverpool or Everton, I’m just sharing my thoughts, they are both good sides, end of.

  7. 2 of the worst footballing teams in the country. Saw better football in the league 1 playoff final.

  8. all i can say is well done to my redmen. but on a more important note, both liverpool and everton who i both work for did our great city proud that day not just with the football but remembering those who died at hillsborough, that is why we are the best city in the world. scousers are the best people in the world, we come together as one when its important

  9. I gathered that but his comment was hes a bad finisher so i was stating that as a striker its not acceptable for his finishing to be bad

  10. I think he/she was commenting about his defensive ability when he gets back to help defend, not that he is a defender.

  11. these loser evertonians commenting about this! Get over it! we won! and even in the unlikely chance that you beat us, Everton would NEVER win a trophy. as they said on matchday, all the kings horses and all the kings men, won more in a year than Moyes did in 10!! YNWA Redmen!

  12. that’s because everton is shite. so we finished below you, we still beat you EVERYTIME we met.

  13. It’s funny that when Liverpool won this, it was all over the fucking news, but when Everton win, fuck all is said, ha….biased shite!

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