Former Tottenham and Celtic striker Robbie Keane has been one of the high profile signings for the MLS in the last few years. He is currently playing for LA Galaxy, who are regarded as one of the strongest teams in the MLS. The team has come in leaps and bounds – just as the league has done – in the last few years, and Keane is happy to be a part of it. Keane moved to the club where David Beckham created a legacy, and the Irishman is just happy to be following the same.

It is widely perceived that the arrival of Beckham helped boost the image of MLS, and Keane intends to agree with this fact. He has compared Beckham with Tiger Woods and has said that his arrival brought a lot of new fans into the sport in the country. Soccer is not one of the top sports in the United States. Keane has always been a goalscorer and this has continued during his stint at LA Galaxy as well. He has scored seven goals and created two for his teammates this season. LA Galaxy have so far had a good season and are currently third in the table. They are not far off challenging for the title.

“I think probably if you asked everybody, Becks’ influence on everybody coming here was huge. He was the one who set the standard and set the bar for people coming here. He certainly put MLS on the map…He’s like the equivalent of Tiger Woods in golf. That’s how I see it. That’s the influence he’s had on MLS and a lot of people should be grateful for that,” said Keane. Keane is one of the designated player in the LA Galaxy squad. Keane is one of the favourites to win the MVP award this season.

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