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  1. Yes, because every big team in the world just brings up players from their youth squad and almost always plays them, because it’s not like every game counts in the La Liga

  2. Con Mourinho y Florentino Pérez este chico acabará en el Getafe o arrastrándose por la Bundesliga, pobre Carvajal, buscando Lateral Derecho (y Carvajal por condición mental es mejor Lateral que Arbeloa, físicamente no sé, no lo he visto en primera..) y lo malvenden por 5 millones para ¿Qué? Gastar luego una millonada por un jugador de no 19 años, no 27 o más… Florentino y Mourinho son el cáncer del Madrid

  3. One of the biggest talent in Real Madrid youth’s acadamey. Hopefully Jesé get muchs minutes this season. Mourinho really likes him. 🙂 Hopefully Carvajal, Morata and Jesé will be at Real Madrid for much for years and will be fixed players. 🙂
    Still don’t know why they send Carvajal to Leverkusen. Hopefully we will get him back after this season and he can replace Arbeloa.

  4. if he was going to be as good a ronaldo he would alreadly be in the first team playing most of the matches

  5. i wouldn’t mind him going for Ronaldo if he wanted to choose his name, but Cristiano’s inspiration is Luiz Ronaldo and he said he wants be more like him. he got to a stage where he even wore the same number and name for Madrid instead of turning it down like Kaka turned down number 5 which was Zidane’s number. i just don’t like the fact that people refer to Cristiano as ‘Ronaldo’ and refer to the great Luiz Ronaldo as ‘other Ronaldo’ or more stupidly ‘fat ronaldo’

  6. I have no clue about football? Just because I’m not a Cristiano Ronaldo nor “Real” Ronaldo fan boy, doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about football. And are you sure that he didn’t get number 9 because number 7 was occupied by Raul? His name is Cristiano RONALDO, so why would he want to put any other name on his jersey? I never said he was like Luiz Ronaldo, however I said he was as much of a Ronaldo as Luiz Ronaldo was, since both of their surnames are Ronaldo. This discussion is stupid.

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  8. the only people who will boo me are the people who haven’t watched football demandly since the late 80s, and really? i find it sad how football fans are becoming unaware of real talent in today’s world.

  9. listen up faggot who knows nothing about football what so ever…. go cap lock someone else you silly virgin and stop trolling on youtube. Luiz Ronaldo is the best footballer in history, Cristiano isn’t fit to clean Ronaldo’s boots. Stefano himself said Ronaldo is the greatest, Crespo praised him, Henry said there was no player like Ronaldo, Maldini said Ronaldo was the most difficult player he came across was Ronaldo. go learn more about football you faggot before you start commenting.


  11. you really have no clue anything about football… Cristiano wants to be Ronaldo that’s why he placed that name on his back, he claimed the no.9 jersey for Madrid with Ronaldo but fans boo’d him after he failed to replace the great Ronaldo… and for the reason he is now No.7. When Cristiano wins the world cup, become top scorer of the world cup, become a goal threat with his one touch finishing then you can say he’s like Luiz Ronaldo. Fool!

  12. you really have no clue anything about football… Ronaldo had by far better finishes (one touch finishing), had speed, strength, Balance, agility,dribbling, skills… the skills Cristiano does only gets past 1 player whereas Ronaldo got past 6 players everytime. the skills cristiano is doing at the moment were all perfected by Luiz Ronaldo. Cristiano said himself “my inspiration is Ronaldo, he’s the best ever”
    so hush up kid and learn more about football!

  13. I’m sorry that you don’t have any content in your life and therefore have to correct what I wrote, which isn’t even wrong. His name is Cristiano Ronaldo, but the majority of people call him Ronaldo since that is his name. Only one Ronaldo? I guess that’s why number 7 of Real Madrid squad has Ronaldo on the back of his shirt. I’m not a Cristiano Ronaldo (corrected, so you won’t cry more about it) fanboy, however this Ronaldo is as much of a Ronaldo as the one which you claim to be the only one.

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