25 thoughts on “GOALS: Real Madrid Castilla 5-1 Cádiz

  1. hahahaahhahaha i choose sometimes barcelona with xavi messi and iniesta and i always lose or draw because of their shity line up…..seriously i can win milan 4-0 at Legendary with Cesena or West Ham but i can’t with barcelona LOL

  2. Really? I only made my comment because I know it’s impossible in real life… Nevermind then, I guess you can do that in FIFA.

    BTW- Barcelona B? Come on man….

  3. Wait, so does this mean that Real Madrid Castilla are going to be versing Villarreal next season?

  4. no villareal b go to second b
    because in spain the ligye is
    1 divition
    2 divition
    2-B divition
    3 divition

  5. and if BarcelonaA/Real Madrid A relegated to segunda division then the B teams relegated to segunda B

  6. haha this isn’t possible..If it will so they’ll have to play against each other and I guess it isn’t that fair… the Graduates against the Youth team.. For example – Villareal just dropped to the 2nd division so thats mean that the Villareal B should drop to the 3rd.

  7. No, this is their maximum division, for example Barcelona B and Villareal B, even if they end up 1st, they would not be promoted. Same with Castilla.

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