25 thoughts on “GOALS: Real Madrid Castilla 5-1 Cádiz

  1. well you can cause if that team is Liga Adelante you can choose like Barcelona B 😉

  2. hahahaahhahaha i choose sometimes barcelona with xavi messi and iniesta and i always lose or draw because of their shity line up…..seriously i can win milan 4-0 at Legendary with Cesena or West Ham but i can’t with barcelona LOL

  3. Really? I only made my comment because I know it’s impossible in real life… Nevermind then, I guess you can do that in FIFA.

    BTW- Barcelona B? Come on man….

  4. I don’t know maybe ea fix this but i have been promoted with barcelona B in Fifa 12

  5. Wait, so does this mean that Real Madrid Castilla are going to be versing Villarreal next season?

  6. That’d be awesome, except for the fact that you won’t be able to be promoted…

  7. no villareal b go to second b
    because in spain the ligye is
    1 divition
    2 divition
    2-B divition
    3 divition

  8. and if BarcelonaA/Real Madrid A relegated to segunda division then the B teams relegated to segunda B

  9. haha this isn’t possible..If it will so they’ll have to play against each other and I guess it isn’t that fair… the Graduates against the Youth team.. For example – Villareal just dropped to the 2nd division so thats mean that the Villareal B should drop to the 3rd.

  10. No, this is their maximum division, for example Barcelona B and Villareal B, even if they end up 1st, they would not be promoted. Same with Castilla.

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