23 thoughts on “GOALS: Real Madrid 2-0 Celtic

  1. We had a shit team out and had 4 players on our bench, you had the likes of Ozil, Benzema, Di Maria, Pepe and Casillas on the bench.

    Look forward to meeting Real Madrid in the CL, hail hail!

  2. I don’t know what Real Madrid would do without you. I guess they would seek consolation in the other 80.000 people who come to their games.


  3. Why is the English version always shorter than the Spanish version of highlights? How hard is it to use the same footage the Spanish version uses and add English voice over it insteadof Spanish?

  4. I pay each year for going to Bernabeu and watch football, so I’M A MEMBER. SHUT UP.

  5. Are you retarded? I’m member of the club, stfu you are not even from Spain, you have no idea

  6. honestly i fucking hate madrid but i agree. lol they have been dominant for a year now. barca ruled the world back in 2010-2011 though :p wish barca played to their full potential sometimes :/

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