25 thoughts on “Football Manager 2012 – Everton Vs Wolves #8

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  2. 3.04 he was offside but it didn’t count because Fellaini tackled the ball from henry to him

  3. Anto love your fm vids! Btw how come your not getting as many views no more? + Whats your steam name? 😉

  4. this game sucks. the players arent capable of putting the ball into the net 1 inch in front of the empty goal, i can give them strategies but the players wont do it anyway…
    i am in the 4er finals vs napoli and i get 20 100% chances but no goal and napoli makes a goal with every of their chances. even if im 1-0 in front and play contain, my players wont run back to defend…. such a bullcrap

  5. you should buy nathan redmond from birmingham and raheem sterling from liverpool, there both very young and fast

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