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  1. I’m from Glasgow and I love Celtic to bits and hate rangers like hell. My school are running a school trip to Goodison for Everton v Spurs on 3rd of November. I cant wait as one of the perks of being a Celtic fan is Hating ********* and Loving Everton. I will be wearing my hoops with pride but, of course be right behind the Blues. COYB!!!

  2. One of my favourite english team….from a supporter of Sporting Club of Portugal.

  3. I live in denmark, and the time has come for me to visit the blue side of Liverpool soon … you have been warned! no date set yet.

  4. Thumbs up if you were singing one of these songs during the 88 seconds between Pienaar and Jelavic’s goals against Spurs!

  5. Gotta love songs from across the ‘little pond’ england to denmark, since I can’t be there in person 🙁

  6. At least we can wank because our players have balls. You couldn’t even beat City something that we could do. Who really gives two shites whether or not Jelavic looks like a hobbit. Rooney looks like Shrek, Hernandez looks gay. But jelavic is better player than both of these two COYB !!

  7. Oi, bastard u are shit u threw away an 8 point lead and let Wigan beat yous. The only thing Hernandez can hit is his gf, Rooney is a turncoat and a traitor. Welbeck should go welbeck to where he came from. Berbatov is your only decent player and you don’t play him. Yes, go get a pen and draw yourself a cup. So get off an Everton song and just shut up

  8. Everton 4 ever at least we finished above the Kopite Gobshites Livershite. Like if u hate Liverpool FC

  9. mate u need to hush, if you dont like everton why the hell are you commenting on one of OUR videos !!!!!!! Troll

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