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  1. best everton vid on youtube, captured some very important goals and moments. Proud to be Blue NSNO

  2. think, we won the league in 1914 an 1939 before both wars started and we were the best team in erope in 85 when english teams got a ban in europe, we would have an even bigger history coyb

  3. Fantastic video, fantastic club, being an Evertonian myself and only being 15 years old, I didn’t realise they had won so many cups, it just goes to show the Liverpool fans are talking through their arses when they claim we haven’t won anything, coz if you know you’re history, we HAVE. 🙂

  4. forEVERTON the best team! i love this team, i am mexican but this team its my favorite in the World

  5. Born a Blue in 1955 and will die a Blue, the emphasis being on the Born. I was’nt manufactured. It’s in your heart. If you’re not a Blue you wont have a clue what I’m talking about. Great posting this by the way.

  6. love the ratcliffe quote, i feel sorry for anyone who isn’t a toffee, they’ll never know how it feels

  7. I’ve only gotten to see the boys in a game live once when they toured Australia in 2010 for some pre-season friendlies, and that was enough for me to be able to die happy!

    Currently the bonus is to see them above Liverpool in the EPL, let’s just hope it stays that way till the end of the season!

  8. that is a fucking belter vid, my arse has gone for saturday, i hope we beat the cunts

  9. Absolutley epic moments in time. Well put together and appropriate music. 5 star. Can the Blues get back to those magnificent days. New money, new stadium and a new focus required.

  10. Thank you for uploading, everytime I watch clips like this I get tears in my eyes, tears of pride….I love being a Evertonian and each night I go to bed and I thank the lord that he gave me the gift and did not curse me by making me a red

  11. Love This! The Arteta Goal vs Fiorentina still gives me goosebumps. Being in the Street end that night is my favorite Everton memory

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