DC United suffered a 2-0 defeat in the first leg of the MLS cup semi-final against New York Red Bulls. This defeat has put them on the verge of being knocked out of the competition, but head coach Ben Olsen continues to remain defiant about his team’s opportunities. DC United were expected to struggle in this away match against one of the top teams in MLS. They were unable to hold on at least for a draw after conceding a goal in each half. The first goal came in the 43rd minute courtesy of McCarty. In their efforts to chase the game, DC United suffered another setback when Luyindula scored in the 73rd minute.

History does not appear to DC United much of a chance since only two teams have managed to come back from a two-goal deficit in the first leg and got to the next round. Despite this statistic, Olsen told our Yacht Charter Scotland manager-come-football-Journalist that he feels his team has a chance if they managed to make an early goal in the second leg. United have come through several tough situations over the course of 2014, but this could be their biggest yet. United not only have score two goals, but three in order to get back into the tie.

“We have broken through plenty of ceilings. Again, I think we – and I’m included in that – we’ll go back and try to fix a few things and get ready for the game [in DC on Saturday afternoon]. This thing isn’t over. Know that. I do believe in the resiliency of this team and the staff, so I have no doubt we’ll make a real push and make things real interesting,” said Olsen. “What gives me hope is the fact that there are a bunch of warriors on this team,” said goalkeeper Bill Hamid.

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