22 thoughts on “Bolton 5 – 2 Villa

  1. Watching this today, I still can’t believe that free kick went in! JPA’s goal deserves a lot more credit than it got!

  2. that commentator is a tit. and there’s no way angel meant that he just fucked his cross up

  3. 6th in the league and no more anelka for bolton, just a special bench-warmer for chelsea!!! good game though!

  4. I’m a Villa fan and I’d just like to say that the retarded pricks who have commented on this are in no way an indication of actual Villa supporters. We’re not all mutants. Most but not all.

  5. Fantastic game, amazing goals… but it is slightly ruined by that arse of a commentator. He sounds so useless. And to gigey, get a grip pal. You aren’t much better than us even if you do possibly have the edge this year. For a supposed “massive” club your boys have won surprisingly little in any part of my lifetime.

  6. if you look at all the other comments we don’t actually call Villa, and I like Villa a bit. But your just a bias Prick. Oh btw: Yes we do have anelka, and he scored a free kick against you on Sunday, and if you actually watched the video, you’ll See Okocha scored 2. So fuck you.

  7. come on villa at least we are a god side we ave had players like juan pablo angle who u gto anelka who shite ochuka who crap now at bradford or shite team liek that while villa now got GABBY AGBOBNLAHOR COEM ON VILLA AT VILLA PRAK WE WIKLL KICK THERE ASS VILA 4-0 BOLTON IN 2008 SO FUK U BOLTON SCUM PECIE OF SHIT COME ON VILLA

  8. commentater is shite. his reaction to jay jays last goal was so poor. a legend goal and it sounds like hes reading a parking ticket

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