25 thoughts on “Blackburn Rovers v Aston Villa (1904)

  1. was this on Sky HD? missed it first time round. need to check my sky+ box for a replay.

  2. I was at that game. I was drinking double stout. Tugay was suspended for accepting illegal gifts at college, and tested positive for steroids…and methamphetamine!!!

  3. hey dad are you going to add the video of the game we went too? and cheers loved the old vid lol.

  4. they played during rain, hailstorm, snow, lightning and thunder (all in one match), whereas nowadays, if there is a little snow the match is called off.

  5. lol @ the crowd atound the ball 0:12 – 0:14…doesnt seem like that was much tactical formation at that time 😉

  6. Those shorts make me laugh so, so long. What would they have said to the
    80s short shorts!

  7. The truth about the Mitchell and Kenyon Film find is incorrect you can find the full facts at the Gregory Audio Visual Website under “News Tab”

  8. Thought they removed that hill in the background. To stop people watching for free. In about 1970 i think.lol

  9. To say that we Rovers got beat 0-3,how come it shows us scorig a goal at the end?surely something wrong there anyone got a history bok to confirm the score around circa 1900?

  10. For one of the oldest rivalries in the game its surprising how few times we have played each other. You were in the first division and we were in the second during this time. Must admit though, your ground looked a loyt better than Turf Moor at the time.

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