25 thoughts on “Benfica vs Real Madrid 5-2 All Goals & Full Highlights 27/07/2012 Friendly International

  1. you’re mentioning something from 10 years ago. wow you sure showed me. wtf is pleyed? lol dumbarse. european teams have dominated that competetion for years. admit what? don’t blame madrid for actually having a squad of players that can cope with injuries instead of relying one one guy to score all the goals. madrid made history but winning the league with 100 points. madrid are the best team in spain now, get over it you barca fag.

  2. Are you serious right now….South American teams dominate that competition look it up….when “Los Galacticos” with Zidane figo, Ronaldo, pleyed it in 2002 they fell to Boca losing 2-0 within the first ten minutes. get your facts straight you fucking real madrid cock sucking lover Jesus man just admit it already. If Barca wasn’t injury plagued all of last season they would’ve won everything again.

  3. so you’re telling me that winning that trophy which is only 2 games is better than winning the league title? you’re a fucking moron. the teams in that little tournament suck compared to the european clubs. funny how barca could win that but couldn’t win what is a minor competition in the champions league judging by your logic.

  4. haha u serious? The world club cup represents that they’re not only the champions of Europe but the champions of the WORLD hahaha Jesus…real madrid fans are whats wrong with this world they choose to ignore the truth.

  5. no cause the players that played in eu cup have to rest now so this are reserve players

  6. Let me put it this way. If this were to be a UCL match… Poor Benfica. And I’m a Barcelona fan.

  7. Ok. Real Madrid no tiene una cantera buena. El partido fue amistoso y maurinho dejo q jugara la cantera pero no le funciono. Ahora bien si hubiese jugado el equipo de los titulares . El partido hubiese sido otro. Pero Madrid x eso aun no quiere medirse a equipos buenos xq están preparando su pretemporada .

  8. i love real Madrid, but 2:46 is just wow !!
    is that casillas ?? i don’t think so O.o

  9. This team real madrid haves to prove what barcelona make 3 champions in 6 years and almost 30 titles in this 6 pass years bassicly witt the same style and player base like xavi iniesta valdes messi puyol and cantera ( barcelonas inferiors teams)

  10. El Barça tampoco Benfica gana! Barça y Real son una mierda! El Benfica y el Arsenal son los más grandes! Portugal es el mejor, España es una mierda

  11. ”Benfica is world class soccer from a small poor country.” ?
    you are stupid? Portugal is a great country, Ronaldo, Pepe, Coentrão, Nani, Joao Moutinho, Figo, Pauleta, Futre, EUSÉBIO, etc., are all Portuguese players have to spain? Iniesta and Xavi anything else! Benfica is much better than the fucking Real Madrid (Real Shit)

  12. All you haters can say what you want, Real is the best team in the world they put on most of their big shot so Benfica should have been a piece of cake! Benfica is world class soccer from a small poor country.

  13. none of those trophies are at the same level as the league title. super cup, spanish super cup, copa del rey and world club cup are minor trophies in comparison to the league.

  14. what is the reason that madrid won liga 32 and barca 21? champions league 9 and barca 4 with help of referee in 2009

  15. @sem nome si 9, como los puntos que os sacamos, porque eres del barça no? te compadezco

  16. Barca B is far better than Madrid B that is why Barca will always be ahead of Madrid…

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