24 thoughts on “Benfica 5-2 Real Madrid All Goals and Highlights Friendly Match 27/7/2012


  2. you fukin idiots dont hate on madrid they were only playing with subs and reserves .where as benfica was going starring 11… dimwits

  3. @losemiot Sin embargo, gran partido del Benfica, pudieron ganarle a los de reserva del Madrid, Bravo :)) el tercer gol de ese equipo… QUE GOLAZO!

  4. Hahaha aquellos que dicen ser azulgranas en serio son tan idiotas como para no notar que solo había 2 jugadores del 11 titular merengue? Los demás son solo reservas, incluso canteranos

  5. looks like real madrid b is ganna have a problem with barca b since they jus got promoted hahaha best luck to barca b al tho they dont need it

  6. still they play in a “better team” ( not really) right? so even that should be enough to win the game

  7. u compare enzo perez , bruno cesar , kardec with ramos pepe ronaldo marcelo benzema and more absents ? :)) im not a real fan but is just a friendly i watch the video because i want to see witsel i heard real is interest in his service

  8. Benfica didn´t used their starters too , enzo perez, bruno cesar, kardec, aren´t the benfica starters…

  9. it was just a trainning for them! & they lost without Ronaldo, Benzema, Ozil, Ramos, Pepe, Casillas, Alonso, etc….

  10. If the defender was, Ramos, Marcelo, pepe and Coentrao and the goalkeeper was casillias
    then i promise that they could not even get close to the penalty area,
    and don’t talk about Mourinho suks for when it gets really match they will get 7 goals in their ass

  11. it was a friendly match were only the players got a chance who normally don’t play, Adan in goal, Varane Defender and so on, tghis is Madrid 2

  12. true that..looks like they put the most of the effort in english and spanish clubs, but those are the teams people play the most…at least there are some players with right faces in portuguese league..if you play with swedish or norwegean teams all of the players have random faces…

  13. people dont understand what friendship is tho like fuck up all if yous

  14. ok, the only thing i dnt like about fifa is that they cant get Benficas players faces right, they put random faces on some of the players. I feel like they only care about the rly big teams like Real, Barca, Manchester, etc

  15. Do you think Real Madrid cares about facing Benfica in a friendly exhibition match ?? Oh yea we did beat Barcelona once but that was enough to win La Liga and what did Benfica win last year..??? you can answer that one 😉

  16. Yea and that’s why they are the most historic football club in history , I think you don’t know shit about it tho..

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